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From Arizona, the announcement was made: Wanted, 10 brave souls willing to walk 500 miles in 40 days along an ancient journey that’s been traveled for centuries. Arrival at the destination is not guaranteed, only days of suffering, driving rain, bitter cold and intense heat. Injuries, muscle aches, and blisters are to be expected. Discouragement and the daily desire to quit will haunt you. Sleep will be scarce, at times outside, on the cold ground, subject to the forces of nature. Losing your way amidst the beautiful, yet unpredictable, landscapes of Northern Spain, will add grueling miles to the journey… but in turn you may find yourself.. Some say, along this ‘Camino’ they have found the path of their life. ARE YOU IN?


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FOOTPRINTS can be used as a terrific teaching tool which will inspire young students to reflect, while watching a visually beautiful film, on the value of sacrifice, overcoming conflicts, teamwork, friendship, joy, and the search for God. All of the leading characters in FOOTPRINTS are young men who share their own experiences using language that will engage young people and draw them in!  If you would like to organize a morning screening in a theatre near your school, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  FOOTPRINTS will provoke enriching discussions among your students in the classroom.  Perhaps this simple document will help to direct their reflection.

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Whether you are sharing the film with your friends on social media, at home, your neighborhood, the gym, the salon, school, or at work, we will provide all you need to bring FOOTPRINTS anywhere.

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Anyone who is considering walking the Way of St.James must see this film!
NAVA CASTRO, Director of Tourism in Galicia
People come back from this experience with an indelible imprint that decisively marks their lives.  This documentary offers a genuine view of the fundamental aspects of this experience and provides exceptional material for the new evangelization.
MARIO ICETA, Bishop of Bilbao
The documentary, FOOTPRINTS, is a beautiful testimony to the effort and spirit that encourages the pilgrims who travel the Way of St. James.
JULIÁN BARRIO, Archbishop of Santiago de Compostela
The photography is spectacular; the visual quality in every scene is impressive.

FOOTPRINTS shows us the importance of loving one another, supporting each other in our weaknesses and our strengths

Maria Auxiliadora
It is a profound movie that will help people who may feel lost.
I have cried! I have laughed! I have fallen in love!  It is a beautiful, motivational piece filled with the love of God!


If so, let us know the impact within you. The positive comments will encourage us to keep going on. And the bad ones… will help us improve our way in the future.



You too have walked the Camino? We would love to know about your experience! Why did you do it? How did you feel? Would you repeat it? Tell us!

“A pilgrimage is the best way to search who you are.”


Footprints is #1 in Spain!!

  Oct 21, 2016     Footprints La Película

We just received exciting news from Spain! Footprints: The Path of Your Life is the highest-grossing documentary of the year in Spain, where it was released last month....

Coming soon to a theater near you, Footprints: The Path of Your Life to open in Arizona!

  Oct 14, 2016     Footprints La Película

Footprints is scheduled open in Phoenix theaters on October 28th!! It’s finally here! Thank you Phoenix fans for all your support. Footprints will be showing at the Harkins Chandler Fashion 20 theaters beginning October 28th and running through Nov.17th. There will be five screenings each day. Bring your friends and family to enjoy this great documentary film. Tickets are selling fast; get yours...

Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia among the next stops for Footprints!!

  Sep 29, 2016     Footprints La Película

Footprints opened in Cinemark theaters in Bogotá and Medellín today. The theaters were full, and the reviews were great!! Footprints also made its theatrical debut in Paraguay this week where it was the most watched documentary in the country. We continue to make our way to theaters around the world – step by step. Thank you for your continued interest and support!!...


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