A Priest from Phoenix, Arizona, sent us a thought-provoking e-mail: “…I have spoken to film producers in Los Angeles and New York, and they both told me this project is sheer insanity!  Would you be interested in hearing about it?” The answer from director/producer of Infinito + 1, Juan Manuel Cotelo, came from across “the pond,”  “we are more about insanity than sanity.”  Tell us about it…

It all began in Cuenca, Spain.  A young boy, by the name of Sergio Fita, dreamed of walking the Camino de Santiago but was told that he was too young.  So he promised himself that he would walk it one day when he was older.  At the age of 32, having recently moved to the United States, it seemed that his dream of walking the Camino would never become a reality.  However, after arriving in Arizona, he soon discovered the Camino de Santiago was well known beyond the borders of his native Spain – there was even a Hollywood movie about it!  Perhaps his boyhood dream could still become a reality! As he looked into the possibility of reviving his dream, he realized that the Camino was furtively changing course and quietly moving in the wrong direction. It was slowly losing its authentic religious character; its original meaning was becoming obscured. This ancient religious pilgrimage which had been traveled by many saints was becoming little more than a new age diversion for many of its current pilgrims.

“Oh no, this is not the Camino de Santiago that I dreamed of traveling when I was a child.”  So he decided to take it upon himself to portray the spiritual beauty of this ancient pilgrimage, and restore its authentic religious character.  Gathering a group of pilgrims who were more interested in walking the Camino as a way of searching for the meaning of their existence than on the touristic or athletic aspect of this pilgrimage, he began to formulate his plan.  “Why not capture this spiritual experience on film, so that we can share its beauty with the world?”  “Is it possible to film something like this?”

FOOTPRINTS is the result of that youthful dream coming to life.

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