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“The Camino de Santiago had all of the prospects, in my view, to become an idyllic relationship. It worried me – it enticed me… Could it be that those who have gone before had embellished this pilgrimage? What is it about the Camino that attracts people who are not fond of walking? Why do so many people who claim to have no faith go on this pilgrimage? Why are they willing to endure blisters, and hardships to reach Santiago when they can take a bus, a train or a flight? My desire to go on this walk grew as I listened to stories about people who had already made the journey… although no one was able to satisfy my curiosity: “I can’t explain it, you have to do it, it is a personal, intimate experience… no two pilgrimages are alike.” I suspect, had I thought about planning it, I would never have gone. My opportunity came as a surprise when I read the following e-mail: “We are looking for a movie production company willing to film a movie about our pilgrimage. We leave from Arizona in three weeks. We have already spoken to a company in Los Angeles and another based in New York… and they said no… that it is sheer foolishness. What do you think?” Perhaps the person who wrote the e-mail understood the powerful attraction we feel when we hear the word “foolishness.” Was this the bait? In any case, we took it! We are victims of our compulsively adventurous nature – one sure sign that there is something wrong with our brains – but that’s how we like it! Nevertheless, putting our money on the Camino de Santiago seemed like a sure bet. If you enjoy contemplating nature, prefer silence to noise, love the landscapes of Northern Spain brimming over with color, enjoy superb cuisine, take pleasure in spontaneous, genuine human interaction, are not satisfied to learn about history simply by reading about it… furthermore, if you seek experiences that allow you to feel like more than a bunch of cells, but make you feel alive and in touch with your soul… then the Camino de Santiago is for you! How could we say no to such a challenge? I can’t say that I “walked” because in order to film FOOTPRINTS we had to run- a lot! First, to prepare everything in 20 days, and then, to shoot the pilgrims who didn’t slow down for us at all. It was 1,000 fast paced kilometers that have sparked my desire to one day live the experience of the pilgrimage. I want to go on this pilgrimage again, but this time without a camera; I want to focus more on the interior than the exterior. The question remains – “what does this ‘Camino de Santiago’ have that fills everyone with this yearning?”



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    • gloriaSep 23, 2017 at 8:40 PM /

      what a great film!!…2017 has been a very challenging year x me……i have learned about the Camino a few years ago…and this year,,,it just came back to my life….i cant explain it…but the camino is calling me!!…i plan to walk it in july and august 2018 if God gives me good health…i will leave everything behind so i can start a new life….i have a very good feeling about it!!

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